January's Book Club: Mama Day by Gloria Naylor

This our first Book club meeting of 2023!!

Are you ready?!

This month we're discussing Gloria Naylor's 3rd book: Mama Day. The goal of our meeting is to have a fun, engaging and transformative conversation about how you've experienced this book... while sipping wine LOL. I can't wait to dive deep into this one. I've heard so many great things about her work!

Girl...So, what is this book about?

On the island of Willow Springs, off the Georgia coast, the powers of healer Mama Day are tested by her great niece, Cocoa, a stubbornly emancipated woman endangered by the island's darker forces. This book has been described as a powerful generational saga, at once tender and suspenseful, overflowing with magic and common sense.

Who is Gloria Naylor?

A native New Yorker, Gloria Naylor was a graduate of Brooklyn College and Yale University. She was distinguished with numerous honors, including Scholar-in-Residence, the University of Pennsylvania; Senior Fellow, The Society for the Humanities, Cornell University; the President’s Medal, Brooklyn College; and Visiting Professor, University of Kent, Canterbury, England. Naylor was the recipient of Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Arts fellowships for her novels and the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for screenwriting

I look forward to connecting with you! Please don't forget to RSVP so I can prepare enough space for you.

RSVP Here: http://bit.ly/3GKIVon

See y'all soon!