April Book Club: Jazz by Toni Morrison

Hey Everyone!

I can't wait to discuss Toni Morrison's Jazz !

Jazz is the second book in Toni Morrison's trilogy on African-American history. This book is said to be her favorite and the most challenging to write. Critics report that Jazz sets itself apart from her other works mostly due to style.

Jazz is spellbinding due to the haunting passion of its profound love story, and for the bittersweet lyricism and refined sensuality of its powerful and elegant style. It is winter, barely three days into 1926, seven years after Armistice; we are in the scintillating  New York City, around Lenox Avenue, "when all the wars are over and there will never be another one."

Jazz is an unprecedented and astonishing invention, a landmark on the American literary landscape—a novel unforgettable and for all time.

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